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Mod List:
Current mod item(s):
  1. Honda OEM front and rear spoilers
  2. Muz mat and trunk lining
  3. DC Sports Stainless Steel header
  4. Headrest wind blocker
  5. Black Rick's leather headrests with red S2000 logo
  6. Grilltech center grill
  7. Apline CDA-7878 head unit
  8. Sony XS-V1632 6.5" 3-way speakers for the front
  9. Honda OEM 6.5" (20W rms?) speakers for the rear (They used to be the OEM front speakers. I installed them at the back with the Sony grills on them)
  10. Extra power outlet at the transmission footwall on the passenger side
  11. Escort Passport 8500 radar detector
Ex-mod item(s):
  1. Spugen oval single bolt-on exhaust (MagnaFlow muffler with custom piping) (SOLD)
  2. Regamaster gunmetal 16" EVO rims + BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW (SOLD)
Waiting-to-be-installed item(s):
  1. Paint the red wire on the extra power outlet black (still waiting) :p
Wanted item(s) (closer to reality):
  1. Comptech CAI (probably tries to run Honda OEM air filter on it for better dirt filtration?! :p )
  2. Spoon spark plug cover
  3. 16" forged JDM Honda BBS or 17" Volks Racing CE-28n or MY2004 S2000 17" OEM
  4. A Helmet (for track and autoX)
  5. Upgrade brake pads (if I track or autoX)
  6. Honda OEM hardtop in Sebring Silver
Drooled-over item(s) (unless I go won the lotto ... I can dream, can't I?):
  1. Mugen (painted body color, except for the carbon fiber one) hardtop
  2. If stays N/A:
    • Mugen CAI
    • Mugen header
    • Mugen Ti Exhaust
    • Mugen or Top Secret carbon fiber hood
    If goes FI:

  3. Dyno tuned VAFC II
  4. Mugen MF10
  5. Tein RA Dampers
  6. Mugen bucket seat S1 with 5 points harness (rolls cage or roll bar needed for safety)
  7. Comptech, Air Walker or Back Yard Special side skirt painted body color
  8. Top Secret carbon fiber rear underbody diffuser
  9. Mugen SS rear wing or 3-piece spoiler kit
  10. Carbon fiber trunk
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